Aims and Objectives

STEFANO GUERESI ETS Cultural Association was born with the aim of recovering, preserving and disseminating the works of Mantuan composer and pianist Stefano Gueresi.

An exceptionally talented and sensitive personality, much loved by the people of Mantova (he was even awarded the city’s most prestigious honor of the Virgilio d'Oro), Stefano died prematurely in 2017.

He left us his poetic and evocative music, a heritage made up of dozens of pieces only partially transcribed and published.

Our non-profit Association aims to rearrange and catalog Stefano Gueresi's very rich musical production, create scores, publish CDs and unreleased songs, organise concerts and establish scholarships for young musicians. Our goal is to make Stefano's beautiful music known and appreciated to the widest possible audience and to future generations, too.

We sincerely thank today’s and tomorrow’s members for sharing and supporting us in the realization of these projects.