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Stefano Gueresi (1960-2017), pianist and composer from Mantua. He composed music of great charm, capable of evoking distant and fantastical places and times, with roots drawing on the classical tradition as well as on the romantic-symphonic pop of the 70’s. His music was performed in numerous concerts both in Italy and abroad and has often become the soundtrack for documentaries, base for ballet choreographies and theatre shows and as an accompaniment for exhibitions and museums.

Stefano Gueresi trained as a pianist with concertist Elisabeth Müller Vivanti and attended composition seminars held by John Paynter. At a very early age, he debuted as a composer and keyboardist, playing in a number of musical groups.

After classical and legal studies he mainly dedicated to the artistic direction and hosting of radio programmes and to the teaching of piano and electrical keyboards, yet never abandoning composition.

Towards the end of the 90’s he started performing regularly as a solo pianist, presenting his own compositions. He held concerts in various Italian and European cities as well as in the United States. His music was highly appreciated and warmly received everywhere.
Very active in voluntary work, Stefano Gueresi often made his music available for charitable purposes.

In 2011, on the occasion of a concert held at Teatro Bibiena with the “Carlo Cantini Ensemble” Orchestra, an important collaboration with violinist Carlo Cantini and cellist Massimo Repellini was established. This gave birth to The Gueresi Trio that will carry on several musical projects, culminating with two performances broadcast live from Palazzo Te and Biblioteca Teresiana of Mantua and with the release of two studio albums: “Il destino dei sogni” and “I giorni impossibili”. This last album saw the light of day right after Stefano was diagnosed with a severe illness that impacted the last years of his life.

Stefano Gueresi received important awards from the institutions of his home town: in 2003 he was appointed as representative of the Municipality on Conservatorio Lucio Campiani’s Board of Directors, while in December 2016, only a few months before his untimely passing, he was awarded the prestigious prize of “Virgilio D’Oro”, with the following motivation: «His inspiring and ethereal music has crossed national borders, helping to spread the name of Mantua around the world. Pugnacious against the insults of life, he has transformed pain into beauty. With his piano he creates small fantastical worlds, interwoven with sensations and memories, confirming once again that music is a universal language».



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