Scientific Committee


President: MASSIMO REPELLINI - Cello teacher at "L. Campiani" Conservatory of Mantua, cellist of the "Gueresi trio".

Vice-president: PAOLA CORTESE - Journalist, wife and manager of Stefano Gueresi.

Vice president: LUCA CALABRESE - Surgeon, president of the "Salvatore Calabrese ONLUS" Association and responsible for "Progetto Velluto" on dysphagia.

Members (in alphabetical order):

GABRIELLO ANSELMI - Architect, president of "107 Cent Sept Arte & Territorio" Association.

LUCA BERTAZZI - Violinist and teacher of "Ensemble music for String Instruments" at the "L. Campiani" Conservatory of Mantua. He also holds numerous concerts as a conductor.

MONICA BIETTI - Official in charge of the Medici Chapels Museum and the Casa Martelli Museum in Florence. Official in charge of the Medicean-Laurentian complex and member of the Medici-Laurentian Opera.

CARLO CANTINI - Musician, composer and producer, violinist of the "Gueresi trio", owner of "Digitube" recording studio.

AMANDA CASTELLO - Founder of the Paulo Parra Association for Research of Terminality, A.R.T. Onlus.

DIEGO FUSARI - Actor in the "Francesco Campogalliani" Theater Academy of Mantua, set designer and costume designer.

LUCA GHIRARDINI - Journalist of the "Gazzetta di Mantova", head of the Culture and Entertainment sector.

STEFANO GIAVAZZI - Concertist and piano teacher at "L. Campiani" Conservatory of Mantua.

PAOLO GUALANDRIS - Editor-in-chief of "La Provincia di Cremona". President of the "Literary Café" of Crema (CR).

PIERO MARCELLI - Actor and director, former director of the "Anna Bolens" Theater Company in Turin.

MASSIMO PIROTTI - Pianist, president of the "MaterManto" Music for Fine Arts Association.

CRISTINA RENSO - President of the "Flangini Association” of Saronno (VA).

ITALO SCAIETTA - President of "Amici di Palazzo Te e dei musei mantovani" Association, Vice-President, responsible for Europe at the World Federation of Friends of Museums.