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20 febbraio 2021 - Donazione al Liceo Musicale di Mantova


Al Liceo musicale Carlo d'Arco- Isabella d'Este di Mantova sono stati donati un pianoforte verticale e alcuni spartiti del compositore Stefano Gueresi nel corso di una cerimonia a cui hanno partecipato il dirigente scolastico Giancarlo Gobbi Frattini, la presidente del Rotary e donatrice del pianoforte Loredana Bocchini, Italo Scaietta e Paola Cortese, promotori del progetto, e il presidente dell'associazione "Stefano Gueresi" Nicola Lorenzi.   

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A different piece every month


On this page a different piece will be proposed every month.


Stefano Gueresi (1960-2017), pianist and composer from Mantua. He composed music of great charm, capable of evoking distant and fantastical places and times, with roots drawing on the classical tradition as well as on the romantic-symphonic pop of the 70’s. His music was performed in numerous concerts both in Italy and abroad and has often become the soundtrack for documentaries, base for ballet choreographies and theatre shows and as an accompaniment for exhibitions and museums.

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