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The Mantuan musician, trained at the school Elisabeth Muller Vivanti (for piano) and John Paynter (for composition), proposed a series of pieces composed by him (from “Il sogno di Penelope” (Penelope’s Dream) to “Danza d'autunno” (Autumn Dance); from “Le ali della notte” (“Wings of the Night”) to the final “I misteri del bosco di Norrhult” (The Mysteries of Norrhult Woods), characterized by an appreciable melodic vein with nostalgic and passionate accents: pages of clear late-romantic matrix, of undoubted evocative force and of unavoidable suggestion — also because well structured, according to the classic exposition-development-recapitulation scheme, always valid for this type of compositions — which are well suited for ballets and as a soundtracks for shows and documentaries (as already happened in 2000, in the context of the show "Mantova Danza"; and for the theatrical performance “Il Senatore Fox” by Luigi Lunari staged by the Campogalliani company, directed by Aldo Signoretti, in Vicenza).

The delicate “Budapest”, an encore piece (again composed by Gueresi) was performed and the applause paid by the attentive audience — present in the elegant auditorium — was long and insistent.

Savoca (Taormina), June 2003

Matteo Pappalardo

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