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Italian pianist and composer Stefano Gueresi gave a concert at the House of Culture in Naberezhnaya Street on the occasion of the Imperial City Anniversary. Although Gueresi has played throughout Europe (Italy, Great Britain, Sweden, France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Croatia, Switzerland), the Imperial City remains one of his favorite places to perform his works. Many people, interested in piano music and the creative work of this talented composer, met at the House of Culture. The audience followed the maestro's execution of the songs in absolute silence, and the interest was all in the hands of the musician. The magnificent music listened to will remain in the public's memory for a long time. The composer performed "Il vento dell’epoca oscura" (The Wind of the Dark Epoch”), "Il sogno di Penelope" (“Penelope’s Dream”), "Danza d’Autunno" (“Autumn Dance”), "Ritorno a Canterbury" (”Return to Canterbury”), "Ali della notte" (Wings of the Night), the suite dedicated to the Imperial City, in three parts: "Il valzer di Pushkin" (Pushkin’s Waltz), "Il presagio" (“The Omen”) and "La neve e l’amore lontano" (“The Snow and the Faraway Love”) and other songs.

Right after the concert Stefano answered some of our questions.

Stefano, thank you for your wonderful concert. People were captured by your music.
It is I who should thank you for the splendid audience and for the welcome Ist received.
It is the second time that you perform in our city. Will you come back again?
I really hope so. I would like to visit the Imperial City of Pushkin in the winter. I hope to do it sooner or later.
Do you like our city?
This city is wonderful. Here you can admire examples of great architecture, immersed in a fascinating natural setting. It is a dream city!
We look forward to your next visit. Thank you again for the beautiful concert.

translation by GREGORY BUDIN.


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