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As part of the Festival of Association des Peintres et Poètes Européens Libres, the Church of St. Martin of Biscarrosse offered its exceptional acoustics to the great Italian pianist Stefano Gueresi. In the silence of the audience, suspended as the master's magic finger started to play, Stefano Gueresi sublimated his instrument. The musician and the piano were no longer just a harmonic of light. The figure of the maestro, devoted to his art in the middle of the altar, had something supernatural to it.

Stefano Gueresi, without saying a word, exhibited the opulent richness of his personal compositions. Works that reflect the unfathomable psychic depths of their author, oscillating between the removed lyricism and cascades of generous notes, flown in the air up there, very high. The silent artist delivered his raw music, to the heart of the audience's ears conquered by the master's freedom, the beauty of his creations, the purity of his game executed obviously without scores. His friend explained that Stefano receives his inspiration from the places he visits, and that the master, particularly charmed by the Landes, felt the notes that would make up a future creation, witness to his time in Biscarrosse.

Dominique Boudet

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