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Ancient and modern melted together by nostalgia: if I had to choose a mixture of sensations to decrypt Gueresi's songs I would have no doubts. However, I would focus decisively on the strength of Nostalgia, understood as a feeling capable of evoking what you have lived or would have liked to live. Gueresi's music is loaded with this nostalgic force which should not be seen as a brake on innovation or as a ballast for inspiration.

Quite the opposite.

Gueresi is not nostalgic in rhythms, in agreements or harmonies. No. Definitely not. He is not nostalgic. If anything, Gueresi's nostalgia is an inspiring force capable of creating fairy-tale backgrounds in musical contexts that you can feel real and present. I have above all a song in my head. “Il giardino di Madame Guesdom” (“Madame’s Guesdom’s Garden”). I don't judge it for the pleasantness (it would still be a subjective value), but for the winning combination between title (why not give importance to a title too?) and harmony.

The passage as a whole evokes, accompanies, does not dominate the thoughts of those who listen to it. Instead it suggests and lets us glimpse into a world within music that goes beyond music. Gueresi does not impose himself, he transports. In short, his music should be listened to to have fun entering this harmonic garden where baroque and modern merge in the name of nostalgia. His songs are musical tarots to be turned on the table of one's imagination.

Fabrizio Guerrini

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