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He was born in Mantua in 1960. On the talent wheel that day music chained him to an absolute and totalizing, as well as tormented, relationship — we believe we can guess — , at least until the expressive and technical maturity, acquired with remarkable earliness, the personal and human [maturity] added up. Nothing strange for an artist, sacred fire can burn, because however sacred, it is still fire. Since then, we’ve always proceeded by intuitions, this relationship has also become satisfactory while remaining totalizing. Gueresi thrives on music. He is a man of generous and bizarre nature: you can ask him at any time of any day or the year to take you to the moon or to help you straighten, with only the weight of your body, the tower of Pisa: he will immediately say an authentic and immediate "sure!”. But if you ask him out for an aperitif you will have to give him at least 24 hours notice, then he will extract from his back pocket a badly folded sheet which he calls, without any irony, "agenda" and will certainly say yes...

He is a man of contagious pleasantness and his undulating happiness moves on a backdrop of distant melancholy.

He is an artist and we support him here.

Alessandro Mazzola (Author and literary critic)

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