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Viewers find themselves dreaming, enraptured by poetic piano compositions

The Italian musician Stefano Gueresi pushed the audience to fantasize, with his poetic compositions. "The songs have inspired me with the most varied memories and thoughts," commented Bernward Frank enthusiastically. He and his wife accidentally saw a poster of the concert while taking a walk.

"I was impressed by the way this artist is capable of playing in such a delicate way in some moments, and immediately after in such a vigorous and powerful way. In reality it is precisely in Gueresi’s intentions to describe feelings and situations through his music. When the fingers of the 45-year-old pianist from Mantua quickly run on the keys during "Danza d’autunno" (“Autumn Dance”) it is easy to imagine dead windswept leaves.

"It was amazing to find that what you expected after reading the title of the song was promptly evoked by the music," says Bern Fohlmeister. Perhaps he expected a quieter atmosphere from "La neve e l’amore lontano” (“The Snow and the Faraway Love”) and enjoyed "Fiori nella nebbia" (“Flowers in the Mist”) very much.

Stefano Gueresi describes his music as "contemporary classical", which implies that the two elements coexist in the same form. "Very often the structures of my compositions are "classical", says the composer," but many modern elements, which sometimes echo the romantic pop-rock of the 70s, emerge among the notes. "His concert at Unna was part of the program to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the stipulation of the Italian-German treaty on job recruitment. It was certainly the beginning of a closer collaboration between Unna and Mantua, and Stefano Gueresi was accompanied on his visit by other guests from the Lombard city.



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