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The frescoes in chiaroscuro. The affection of memory: of the mind and of the heart. The sounds of a journey and the traveler's breath nestles each encounter in each sound. every light, every breath of wind. Exactly, the wind: in some way the protagonist of “La notte nel grande vento” ("The night of the Great Wind"), pianist and composer Stefano Gueresi’s third record. He will be at the Feltrinelli Bookshop in Udine today at 6 pm to present it. It is a human and a cultural journey intended as a return to the music of sensations, moods and impressions aroused by different and distant aspects of everyday life.
That is the main theme, but it is not absolute, therefore, given that in this last work we find some passages closely related to the city of Mantua. Love and war are also part of these musical pages. A small suite is in fact dedicated to the conflicts that took place only a few years ago right on our doorstep, in the former Yugoslavia.
“La notte del grande vento” ("The Night of the Great Wind") follows two works that fully illustrate the interaction of Gueresi's music with the various arts, theater, dance, painting and literature, through means such as video and television. An educated artist and an excellent pianist, definitely in love with musical romanticism (and not only), a vision of the world that creates its own and lives again with modern, current sensitivity, capable not of decorating with cold elegance, but of touching memory and dream, imagination and heart of the listener.
What is rare in these times and the value and richness of Stefano's journey. A true artist, with whom it will be possible to dialogue today in Udine.

Nicola Cossar (Il Messaggero Veneto, 11/14/2008)

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