Ombre e visioni

Year: 2005



"A collaboration among music, painting and literature. More to it, a close permeation. Eight fantasy tales and disparate settings, linked together by a slender trace but full of charm as dream activity can be. Each story corresponds to an illustration and a piece of music pervaded by the identical poetics that animates the plots". (Nicola Lorenzi)


  1. Prologo - We'll meet in a secret place
  2. Il bosco (part 1) - Black forest.
  3. Il bosco (parte 2) - Under black sun
  4. Giochi di guerra - All over
  5. Non-Alberto - Love as a thunder
  6. Notturno - Death in the park
  7. Ombre e visioni - The hungarian walk
  8. Johannes e lo straccione (part 1) - On the lake of miracles
  9. Johannes e lo straccione (part 2) - The destiny of the empire
  10. Salvatore - The pain of the soul
  11. Un vecchio - Don't run
  12. L'esame - The examination
  13. Epilogo - The summer and us

Stories by NIcola Lorenzi

Music by Stefano Gueresi

Illustrations by Giordano Nonfarmale “Male”





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