The future and the past

Year: 2012

A "choral" project made with a group of musician friends, an album that includes seventeen songs performed by a group of instrumentalists and eight different singers.


  1. Stay
  2. People Never Know
  3. Diary Of Life
  4. Fly To The Rainbow
  5. The Future And The Past
  6. Close To You
  7. Spring In New York
  8. Athena
  9. In The Wind
  10. In My Heart
  11. Heaven
  12. Tijuana Sunset
  13. I Will Remember You
  14. The Flowers Of The Night
  15. Lost In The World
  16. Can’t Stop It
  17. L’Absence

Songs composed by Stefano Gueresi

Arrangements by Carlo Cantini

Piano and keyboards: Stefano Gueresi. Violin: Carlo Cantini. Bass: Fiorenzo Delegà. Electric and acoustic guitar: Moris Pradella. Drums and percussion: Pietro Benucci. Cello: Massimo Repellini. Winds: Franco Capiluppi. Keyboards: Massimo Pirotti.

Singers: Nicoletta Borgna, Luisa Malaspina, Gilda Reghenzi, Maria Vittoria Armanini, Selly, Giulia Perbellini, Silvana Vergazzini, Mary Gaeta.




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