Stefano Gueresi

Year: 2004


This record is a collection that includes compositions created mainly to relate to different art forms, ranging from dance to theater, from literature to painting, passing through cinema and television.


1. Silenziose promesse (Silent promises) (7'21 "). Song chosen to be the soundtrack of the documentary about Mantua by Marco Hagge for "Bell’Italia", a RAI Tre television programme.

2. Visioni di un mare antico (Visions of an Ancient Sea) (4'16 '').

3. Niente lacrime a Est (No Tears in the East) (3'37 ''). Soundtrack for "Il senatore Fox" by Luigi Lunari set up by the "Campogalliani" Theater Academy of Mantua. The comedy won the "Golden Mask" award and was performed at Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza.

4. L’alba della battaglia (Dawn of the Battle) (4'02 '').

5. Il vento dell’epoca oscura (The Wind of the Dark Age) (5'59 ''). Presented in 2002 in Ferrara as part of the celebrations for the Lucretian year.

6. Le porte del crepuscolo (The Doors of Twilight) (3'10 ''). Dedicated to the French poet Arthur Rimbaud and donated to the Charleville-Mèzyéres House Museum.

7. Il sogno di Penelope (Penelope's Dream) (6'28 ''). Performed at Palazzo Massaro, Piacenza. Concert organized by the A.R.T. - Paulo Parra.

8. Tamys (2'16 ''). Presented in Krakow by the Associazione Mantovani nel Mondo.

9. I misteri del bosco di Norrhult (The Mysteries of the Wood of Norrhult) (6'31 ''). It premiered in 2002 during a concert at Palazzo di Bagno, Mantua, organized by Fai, (the IItalian Environment Fund) and by Amici dei Musei.

10. Il dolore della giovinezza (The Pain of Youth) (3'40 ''). Soundtrack of the short film "Il teatro della pittura" by Francesco Pireddu dedicated to the painter Giuseppe Flangini, presented at the Bois du Cazier in Marcinelle in Belgium, for Europalia 2003.

11. Nella locanda degli addii (At the Inn of Farewells) (2'52 '').

12. I tarocchi della musica (The Music Tarots)(10'00 '': voices 3'02 '', winds 1'45 '', strings 3'08 '', drums 2'05 ''). Four movements made to set music for Maurizio Bonora's painted tarot cards, presented at Casa Cini (Fe).

13. Danza d’autunno (Autumn Dance) (2'08 '').

14. Leda e il cigno (Leda and the Swan) (10'53 ''). Presented at "Mantova Danza 2000", artistic direction by Pippo Carbone and Monica Nuvolari. Choreographies by Paolo Mohovic, Pas des Deux by Beatrice Carbone and Mike Zani from La Scala Ballet Company of Milan.

The songs were recorded in Mantua at Studio SG and at Dima Studios by Davide Di Marcantonio.

Music by Stefano Gueresi

Logo by Dino Rasini

Graphic design studiolombardi, Fiesco (Cr) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Printed by Marco Cinquini This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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