I giorni impossibili

Year: 2015

A record considered by Stefano Gueresi to be his best work, conceived after the difficult experience of his illness as to celebrate his "return to life". Sixteen pieces with different atmospheres, all performed in trio along with Carlo Cantini on the violin and Massimo Repellini on the cello.


  1. Il ritorno (The Return) (2'57'')
  2. Saffarda, il lago dei miracoli (Saffarda, The Lake of Miracles) (2'55'')
  3. Sulla linea dell'orizzonte (On The Horizon Line) (4'18'')
  4. Oltre l'inverno (Beyond Winter) (4'37'')
  5. Il mare e i pomeriggi inglesi (The Sea and The English Afternoons) (5'17'')
  6. Lettere da Wiesbaden (Letters from Wiesbaden) (3'14'')
  7. La rotta delle cicogne (The Storks’ Route) (5'25'')
  8. Qualcuno nel bosco (Someone in The Woods) (4'50'')
  9. Gaia, la luce e il tempo (Gaia, The Light and The Time) (2'51'')
  10. La ballata di Grünewald (Grünewald’s Ballad) (2'59'')
  11. L'attesa (The Waiting) (5'11'')
  12. Le avventure di un piccolo pianista (The Adventures of a Little Pianist) (4'29'')
  13. Camminava in un aprile di pioggia (She Was Walking in a Rainy April) (2'12'')
  14. L'ultimo appuntamento (The Last Appointment) (2'51'')
  15. Storie di parole e tramonti (Tales of Words and Sunsets) (4'07'')
  16. I giorni impossibili (The Impossible Days) (2'48'')

Produced by Stefano Gueresi e Roberto Tiranti.


All tracks were composed by Stefano Gueresi



Arrangements by Carlo Cantini and Massimo Repellini.



Recorded at DigiTube Studio in Mantua.



Available on:



LP 180 Gram (TRJ-056-LP) Limited edition


Master Tape (TRJ-056-OMST)


giorni impossibili

giorni impossibili


All tracks were composed by Stefano Gueresi

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